Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to Pure Thoughts Holistic Therapies.

I am a very experianced ic Thera working with a very wide range of dedicated entirely to uplifting you making you feel awesome, I offer a wide therapies, however most of my packages concentrate on your over all well-being, on offer are Soul Healing massage, Six Sense therapy massage, Meridian Massage, working with Angelic Tuning Forks, performing Cupping Therapy on those very painful spots I will infuse use of qualified therapies bespoke and tailored to individual including balancing cleansing, re-aligning and healing your chakras, boosting your energy & feel good vibe by getting back your sparkle back & upgrading your aura & energy field with some beautiful new energies to lighten the load & incorporate them into your daily life, bringing balance to your mind, body & soul & enhance your life through working with them & give yourself or someone you love with some emotional nourishment & self-love.
l Tind a vortex inviting ambient comfortable & tranquil surrounding in this sacred blessed location where you can open up and address anything of concern, surrounded by candles, aromatherapy oils, crystals, angelic energy and relaxing healing music at this mini rejuvenating sanctuary tucked away in the city to suit you!
I now offer lots of different types of Reiki and am a multiple Reiki Master/Energetic teacher, I cover a very wide variety of healing methods and energy attunements to be useful for your life, helpful to your goal purposes and desires about your life..so you can pick and choose exactly what you wish the choice is yours.. I offer the choice to tune into you and what you exactly need by doing this in person or remotely for those of you booking online attunements.

when viewing the attunements listed please ensure you double click for more detailed information.
Certificates for your attunements will also be validated and recognise should you wish to use them professionally or just for fun and seldevelopment and Gift Certificates also on to make it extra special.

I also offer on line courses for you to do and fit in with that busy fast pace life or should you be blessed with the time to dive in and make time for yourself all you have to do is get yourself here, I will do the rest.

Whether its

*Fine tuning your energy field to find your Soulmate or Twin Flame or offering a Cosmic Soul Mate Connection Empowerment I have packages to do so.

* I do Karmic Relationship Cleansing, Love Flushes to release the old or healing the one your with and also attracting the one you want and also Relationship Healing Attunements.

*Blasting your aura with a Happiness Flush Attunement.

*Cleansing, healing and repairing your chakras and giving you a power kick by super charging your chakras.

*Giving you a Chakra Energy Healing Massage designed to awaken your whole energy field, rebooting and refreshing that heavy energy you maybe carrying around daily.

*Giving an Emotional Balance Attunement, Clarity Attunement, Being Present Attunement the Devine Harmony Attunement will help, especially If you are at the mercy of others and feel energetically drained weak, stuck and under attack, this attunement will regulate your unconscious unhealthy beliefs and boundaries, you may have put in place yourself or have been programmed and reconditioned to think , allowing you to release old experiences of abuse or hurtful patterns pulling the joy from your life and the life you wish to make. I offer Devine Harmony Reiki Attunements 1,2 and 3 Degree and they are all certified for you top use professionally or as you wish,
*Cutting Cords with people who are draining your energy & empowering you with access to 72 Angelic Guides and Light Workers.

*Attuning you to an (Angelic Booster) which includes Angelic Guide Empowerment,Angel Reiki System, Angelic Light, Broken Wing to help connect you with your personal angels & and guides.
*Having an Energy Boost , Chakra Repair, Chakra Flush, Chakra Balance, Emergency Chakra Stabilizing healing session.

* Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

*Booking a Sweet Dreams Package to aid sleep & Insomnia.

*Broken Heart Healing & Empowerments that strengthening your heart chakra, I will give you tools to use the Triple Shield Empowerment to safe guard yourself to harsh ups or attuning in person and also distantly for you to use as you wish.
*I deal with Toxic Family Shield Attunements and Relationship Family Over Soul Healing to implement Love, Peace, Harmony, Acceptance & Understanding for the entire family unit,

*Attuning your child to angelic light system allowing them to reach their full potential & enlightening there hidden gifts from within & activating them, I work with Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow children plus Star Seed and more.

*Book a Spiritual Detox Pamper package or The Stress Cure To Everything, I assure you will be feeling 200% by the time you float out, I offer Himalyan Sea salt Massage, Crystal Healing massage, Lava Shell massage, Hot stone and more, the choice is yours.

*I offer Healing Rainbow Moonstone, Jade & Rose Quartz Crystal Facelift Facials & Goddess Empowerments to make you feel amazing & help you embrace your Unique and Amazing Authentic Self, inner beauty & confidence attunements and you will also have the energy to use and call upon when you need it, plus the paper work to refer to.
*Soothing your mind & soothing your soul with some Holistic Counselling.

*I offer Angelic Healing nights & Angelic Workshops where you can have Angelic attunements to start working with your angels, activate your angelic chakra, Gain Guidance to your Angelic Guides I do Angelic contact Attunements, Angel Guides Empowerment, Angelic Healing meditations, and am now offering you 20 Angelic Essences Attunements linking you up to the Angelic Realm and your higher consciousness, for deeper soul growth and the option to leave with a programmed personnel Angelic Crystal to keep and take home.
*Why not give your mind and head a break with a delightful Moment Of Calm Package including a Amethyst & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Indian Head massage, advanced Crystal Crown Layout will add an extra dimension of order and brightness to the energy passing through the crown combined with some advanced healing techniques I add onto this beautiful package.

*Having Energy & Aura Therapy & how Colour Therapy can assist with healing.

*Transforming your energy to be more powerful & celebrating with a Goddess facial and Goddess Energy attunement to carry that vibe wherever you go.
*Advanced Crystal Healing Layouts & grids and also giving Crystal Healing Workshops so you can widen your knowledge to look after yourself, family & friends.

*Bereavement Attunements to assist with pain, broken heart, loss and I also offer attunements to help you bridge the connection with the spirit world.
*Karmic Cleansing, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Past Life Trauma Healing & collective healing the 7 Soul Characteristics within helping you to get in contact with your soul again more deeply, energising water, food or a desired objects hence healing on every level.
.*Space Clearing your home & Cleansing it (Distant) & attuning you to do it yourself offering certificate for you to be able to assist someone else in their time of need also offering Attachment removal, Inner Peace, Inner Freedom and Joy Attunements.
*I also offer protection tools , crystal advise and if there is something I can do to help you I will,
*Releasing Addictive Behaviour & Deprogramming Self Punishment Empowering Attunements.

*Pain Management Attuning & Toxic Body Cleansing Reiki & providing you with Crystals healing techniques.
*Crystal Wand Therapy, Colour Therapy & Crystal Healing Reflexology.
*Happiness Life Coach Practitioner, Life Coach Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner 1,2,3 & Master.

*Giving advanced Angel Reading & Angelic Healing & Attunements aiding you to work with your guides.

*Advanced Angel Therapist, offer lots of Angelic Attunements.

*DNA Healing Upgrades, Angelic Cellular Healing Empowerment, I offer Crystalline Living Water Matrix *Healing System to work with at your leisure for healing inter-cellular and intra-cellular fluid of each and every cell within your whole being, plus will also show you how to make up other healing Crystal Water techniques to try.

*Angelic Oversoul Dynamic Healing Attunement for whole family units, Mother and Daughter packages,

*Releasing Negative Energy & Negitive Emotion Clearing Flush. Depression Flushes and Happiness Flush,

*Balancing, cleansing, Healing & upgrading you to be your authentic self & the best version of you, you can be..

I can treat you in person or di also offer distant healing session and distant attunements catered to your requirements, i can also should you wish do a remote scan to see what you require the choice is yours .

For our Furry Friends I offer:
**Pet Reiki courses and attunements , Animal Path Healing attunements, Pet Psychology, Animal Holistic Health & Spiritual Animal Healer Program. I also do distant healing sessions with the owners and pets together which works magically for their relationship of trust, companionship, love and understanding and also in person.

Qualified and experienced in the following:
Advanced angel therapist, Certified Angel reader and intuitive. Angelic & Celestial Journey Activations & Encodings, Colour Practitioner, certified in The Angels Angelic Cellular Healing Practitioner, Angelic Seichim Practitioner & offer to Attune, Reiki, Angel Reiki System Practitioner, Angels of Karma Practitioner, I offer Angel Journey Activations, Angelic Healing Courses, Angelic Family Over soul Healing Practitioner, Angels of Karma Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Golden light Reiki Practitioner 1,2,3 Degree, Angelic Attunements to assist with you connecting and working with your guides, Holistic Counselling, Advanced Counselling for Depression, Bereavement, Reiki, I offer Angelic healing Attunements for Addictive Behaviour, Advanced Crystal Healing, Sacred Stones Reiki Practitioner, offering depression flush empowerments ,Ayurveda Reiki 1,2, Master, Happiness Life Coaching , Happiness Flush Practitioner, Confidence Coach , I deal with Toxic Family Attunements & Family over soul cleansing to assist the relationship. Image Reiki practitioner, offering Inner Beauty Attunements for Confidence and trouble teens that just need to remember how beauty come from within I offer Attunements to deprogram self sabotage thoughts & Patterns and also offer Angelic Addiction healing packages , I work with the Atlantean Crystal Angels, I work with Atlantis Healing System, I offer Broken Heart Empowerments offer counselling and way to move forward using the holistic tools I have available for soul growth I’m a Mindfulness Practitioner 1,2,3 & Master, Cupping Practitioner, Reflexology, Natural facelift Facial, Colour Therapy, Energy & Aura Therapist, Chakra Healing , Chakra Flush Practitioner, Chakra Repair Practitioner, Advanced Crystal healing practitioner Holistic Massage, Full Accredited Professional Colour Therapist, Work with the 7 Souls with us to work as one., Indian Head masseuse, offering Various Fully Accredited Energy massage, Shamballa Reiki Master, 1,2,3,4 multi dimensional work,The Golden Codes Of Shamballa, I work with Light Codes, Light Language, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot stone Massage Reiki 1,2,3,to Master Usui plus over 60 reiki healing modalities or alternatives I also teach on -line or in person, I do Goddess courses and workshops, Celestial Moon Reiki , Rainbow lightening courses, Pain Management practitioner, I offer Reiki Healing to children and work with the intention of opening up their spiritual gifts and learning to embrace them, I cover Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Seed, Starlight Energies, Star Light High Frequency and have quite a few Reiki babies under my belt hehe.. ii offer various menopausal hormone healing packages and cover re-birthing, trauma through birth and offer pregnancy and IVF alternatives, covering healing to be sent before and after IVF in person and distantly for you both to receive. certified in Waterfall Reiki, Energetic Aura Therapies and you can customise as tailor your session with lots of various add- on’s.

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Celestial Encodings Package

Celestial Encodings Package

The Celestial Encodings Package is a set of 9 powerful attunements, where encoded Ethereal Crystals are imprinted in the energy field at the 7 main Chakras, Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.  Each encoded crystal can be activated and deactivated as required afterwards and each has a specific frequency and application.
The Celestial Encodings

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Advanced Healing Lightwork Attunement

By Daelyn Wolf
Advanced Healing Lightwork Attunement connects you to Infinite Intelligence Source Energy for powerful healing. This system works to target specific illness, wounds, and disease using methods of healing that speed healing, and relieves pain. There are methods for shrinking, burning, and light healing in this manual.
It works on specific areas

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Atlantian Crystal Angels

Atlantian Crystal Angels

Atlantian Crystal Angels will bring light and love and a smile into your heart. They will dry your tears and laugh with you. They will comfort you and let your light shine again.
Crystal Angels are the custodians of these crystals and the will help us to get into touch again with these energies in

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Angel Diamond Star Course

Angel Diamond Star Course is a wonderful system that is very practical and easy to use. It brings empowerment, protection and helps you to radiate love and compassion for self and others.
The symbols and energies can be used to enhance your meditation practice as the symbols can be used to connect you safely

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Angel Lightworker Program

Angel Lightworker Program

The Angel Lightworker Program connects you to the Angels you need to call on that will help you with Abundance and Prosperity, Healing, Protection, Love and Romance, Psychic Intuition, Instinct, Success, and more! You will learn how to use the energies of the Angel Lightworker Program to become more empowered and change your life for

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Atlantis Healing System Reiki

Atlantis Healing System Reiki

The Atlantis Healing System Reiki was rediscovered by a group of European clairvoyant people in 1993-1994 by people who studied the Akashic Records.
Atlantis Healing System is:
– The way of learning to be again a pure, innocent child by the help of the divine power, harmony and light.
– The way of rediscovering the

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