About Me

My journey started early my darling higher priestess mama who got me into angel cards from 11, and the magical world of crystals their meaning, their beautiful energies and the properties they do at 8, she brought colour therapy, working with the chakras and my energy field, giving me every book on the market about angels, healing, and opening up to trusting you intuition as it is your GPS to your soul, with a daily sprinkling of some serious fairy dust for fun, being not only my rock but my teacher as well … .Both mum and dad had the GIFT and so did their mums …ive had sOoOOo many magical moments and memories to cherish forever but JUST so you know we all have the gift but some people don’t open theirs sadly… my darling dad worked he’s magic with massage, believing in myself and creating anything if I put my mind to it … using LOVE & making it FUN….so to date its 35 wonderful years of having fun, studying all the things that I was interested in, not only helped me as a person massively but Id like to think everyone I work with if I can help I will….
My lovely hobby has turned into a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier doing what
I’m pleased to say I am now a fully qualified practitioner in the following fields
Qualified ;
Advanced Angel therapist, Certified Sound Healer Teacher, 1Certified Angel Readings and intuitive healing sessions Colour Practitioner, of The Angels Angelic Cellular Healing Practitioner, Angelic Seichim Reiki, Angel Reiki System Practitioner, Angels of Karma Practitioner, I offer Angel Journey Activations, Angelic Healing Courses, Angelic Family Over soul Healing Practitioner, Angels of Karma Practitioner, Angelic Seichim Reiki Practitioner, Golden light Reiki Practitioner 1,2,3 Degree, Angelic Attunements to assist with you connecting and working with your guides, Holistic Counselling, Advanced Counselling for Depression, Bereavement, Reiki, I offer Angelic healing Attunements for Addictive Behaviour, Advanced Crystal Healing, Sacred Stones Reiki Practitioner, offering depression flush empowerments , Happiness Life Coaching , Happiness Flush Practitioner, Confidence Coach , Image Reiki practitioner, offering Inner Beauty Attunements for Confidence and trouble teens that just need to remember how beauty come from within and reprogramming self sabotage thoughts, i do broken heart empowerments to help ease pain, Karmic Relationship Cleansing, Soulmate Magnet Love Activations to bring in Mr Right, Soul Healing Reiki, Love Flushes and Self Love Reiki. Liquid Love Attunements, I’m a Mindfulness Practitioner 1,2,3 & Master, Cupping Practitioner, Reflexology, Natural facelift Facial, Colour Therapy, Energy & Aura Therapist, Chakra Healing , Chakra Flush Practitioner, Chakra Repair Practitioner, Advanced Crystal healing practitioner Holistic Massage, Full Accredited Professional Colour Therapist, Indian Head masseuse, offering Various Fully Accredited Energy massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot stone Massage Reiki 1,2,3,to Master and also teach on -line or in person, I do Goddess courses and workshops, Celestial Moon Reiki , Rainbow lightening courses, Pain Management practitioner, I offer Reiki Healing to children and work with the intention of opening up their spiritual gifts and learning to embrace them, I cover Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Seed, Starlight Energies, Star Light High Frequency and have quite a few Reiki babies under my belt hehe.. offer Waterfall Reiki, Energetic Aura Therapy, I teach Golden Light Degree, 1,2,3,master workshops, Inner Light practitioner that helps you to shine light of the soul into the world,, Protection and cleansing packages that leave you safe and sound for anyone receiving psychic attacks or attuning you to negative energy clearing flush, giving you the tools to look after yourself properly. i do Soul Retrieval, i do Aura Flush and Aura Empowerment Practitioner, Flush