Bereavement Healing Flush Reiki

Bereavement Healing Flush is a mental and emotional healing system that helpful to transform buried grief & loss, possibly manifesting as an unreasonable fear of loss or an inability to deal with another’s grief.

Grief is a very powerful emotion and one that many people are unaware that they carry at an unconscious level. A deep loss, whether caused by death, divorce or in some other way, leaves a shock in our energetic system. When we are unable to release the accompanying very natural emotions of grief and sadness these feelings are gradually buried deeper and deeper into the unconscious.

Buried grief can often be recognised as a sense of unexplained sadness in the heart or perhaps as a fear of making a real heart connection with someone in case the pain of loss is repeated.

Sometimes when working with this emotion we can find that the root of the issue comes from our original feelings of grief at separation from our twin soul. As we release and transmute these old memories we are able to open our hearts and recognize that we have always been connected to the Whole.


Bereavement Healing Flush Reiki  Attunement- £10  OR Option to book in for a in person healing session.

I can offer the following combined holistic therapies, the choice is yours.

*I’m qualified in the following areas should you need to just talk .

Holistic Counselling/Life Coaching/Mindfulness/Advance Depression all cover the steps of bereavement and the process of loss.

*Reiki* Energy Healing*Spiritual Healing*Colour Therapy* Crystal Healing*Aromatherapy can all assist with helping this process.

Please private message me for any questions you may have I would be only to happy to help you.