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Advanced Healing Lightwork Attunement

By Daelyn Wolf
Advanced Healing Lightwork Attunement connects you to Infinite Intelligence Source Energy for powerful healing. This system works to target specific illness, wounds, and disease using methods of healing that speed healing, and relieves pain. There are methods for shrinking, burning, and light healing in this manual.
It works on specific areas

Divine Harmony Reiki – ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Reiki - ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Attunement is a higher energy vibration of the universal force from the divine. This Divine Harmony Attunement help restore the balance between body, mind, emotions & spirit that will allow us to manifest our own highest potential. There are 3 separate attunements in this series and all with different elements.

Fear Disorders Reiki

Fear Disorders Reiki deals with defensive behaviour that people use to deal with fear and pain, as seen from a subtle energy perspective.
There are several different “personality types” but we can all find  ourselves in every one.
This attunement owes a debt to ideas in the book Healing Touch by Barbara Brennan, and

Full Moon Inner Goddess Empowerment Reiki

Full Moon Inner Goddess Empowerment Reiki

This system was created to enhance inner goddess empowerment for my sisters worldwide.  Let there be re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine in contemporary life. It is my desire this empowerment opens a holistic path for you!  A path that is filled with celebration and ritual! Let your inner goddess reclaim her equality and empowerment.

Soul Healing Reiki

Soul Healing Reiki connects you to your deepest essence on a conscious level so that you can be aware of what you truly want and desire. When you are hurting on a soul level it is because you are not in harmony with  your true self and you may not even be aware

Negative Emotions Clearing Flush and Holistic Balance Empowerment

by Caroline Todd
The Negative Emotions Clearing Flush and Holistic Balance Empowerment has been channelled to help remove debilitating negative emotions so that you can lead the life you want.
Your beliefs and thoughts right from when you were little have a lasting effect on your life and your actions – both positive and

Star Light High Frequency Reiki

Past Life Traumas Healing Reiki

Star Light High Frequency Reiki is very strong spiritual energy which allow our Divine Spark;  the brightest spark of our inner being;  to connect with the highest energy of extraterrestrial light. This high frequency light particularly strongly vibrates in our three upper chakra to increase and attune their vibrations to Higher Dimensional Vibration. Generally,

Universal Orb Empowerment Reiki

Usui Reiki (Shiki Ryoho Reiki) Master Level 3

This system has been channelled to aid you in the creation of spiritual etheric orbs which can be used to benefit not only your own spiritual life but also the lives of your friends, family members, clients and even our animal friends. The creation of etheric orbs does not require the use of symbols, mantras

Lotus Healer Reiki

Lotus Healer Reiki emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure. It is said to assist in opening the heart chakra.
It can used in balancing the physical body as well, but the greatest