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Toxic Family Shield Attunement

Toxic Family Shield Attunement

By Jay Burrell
Do you feel that you are spiritually attacked on a regular basis with some attacks lasting weeks if not months before they are cleared away?
~ Do you feel that when you try to access a specific frequency of energy or try to send an attunement, you find that something just doesn’t

Past Life Traumas Healing Reiki

Past Life Traumas Healing Reiki will help you to remove blocks that are stopping you achieving what you want from life.
When we think to help and heal ourself we know We not only have to heal all the traumas and Blockages we achieved in this present lifetime but Even all the

Fear Disorders Reiki

Fear Disorders Reiki deals with defensive behaviour that people use to deal with fear and pain, as seen from a subtle energy perspective.
There are several different “personality types” but we can all find  ourselves in every one.
This attunement owes a debt to ideas in the book Healing Touch by Barbara Brennan, and

Negative Emotions Clearing Flush and Holistic Balance Empowerment

by Caroline Todd
The Negative Emotions Clearing Flush and Holistic Balance Empowerment has been channelled to help remove debilitating negative emotions so that you can lead the life you want.
Your beliefs and thoughts right from when you were little have a lasting effect on your life and your actions – both positive and

Depression Flush Reiki

The Depression Flush Reiki is an energetic empowerment that helps to breakup clogged emotional energy that leads to depression. It lifts up the energy to break through the paralyzing effect of depression. It works to get the energy flowing so that deep healing can be made possible.
This energy can be used on its

Grounding Flush Empowerment

When we are heavily engaged in spiritual work, staying grounded can be very challenging. We might find that we are just too busy to take the time to ground ourselves or we just forget.

Inner Light Reiki

Inner Light Reiki is a simple but powerful system to help the light of the soul shine through. The energy works to clear blockages, increase joy, and help you accomplish your life purpose. In this course you will learn

Chakra Flush Reiki

The Chakra Flush is a very simple method to clear out stuck energy from the chakras. It is inspired by the Meridian Flushes, which work to flush the meridians. It is activated by intention and provides a thorough cleansing of all chakras, or individual chakras if so directed.

Negativity Flush Reiki Empowerment Attunement

Negativity is a feeling that we will have experience on our lifes path. No matter how spiritual we may be we will always occasionally have a negative feeling or thought that is within us or is around us. If you are an empath then this feeling of negativity can be very overwhelming. Picking up on

Rebirthing Clearing Reiki Attunement


This system was channeled in 2006 in order to access healing for all birth trauma and raise the vibrations of the person as well as release the negative influences that can be stored deep in the