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Anger Release Reiki Attunement

Anger is an important emotion that helps protect us from things that might be harmful to us emotionally or physically. Unfortunately, anger that has not been released properly can cause problems and block our energy. Many people have unresolved anger issues, whether out of fear of expressing anger or being “stuck” in the angry energy.

Divine Harmony Reiki – ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Reiki - ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Attunement is a higher energy vibration of the universal force from the divine. This Divine Harmony Attunement help restore the balance between body, mind, emotions & spirit that will allow us to manifest our own highest potential. There are 3 separate attunements in this series and all with different elements.

Broken Heart Empowerment

I offer Reiki/Angelic Reiki & I do remote blockage cleansing, cutting cords of attachment with the person in question, I also include rebalancing the chakras, I also include Angelic  Space Cleaning  of the property, so you can invite in new beginnings, lift the vibration and if you have been having rows and upsets

Soulmate Magnet Reiki

The Soulmate Magnet Reiki Attunment is for attracting your soul mate, cleansing your energy fields, for enhancing your natural sensuality, for removing your fear of relationships & releasing the past.
It enhances compatibility between energies, enhances communication, helps

Silver Violet Flame Reiki Attunement

The Silver Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual energy, which has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and is the seventh ray of the Universe’s consciousness. The

Goddess Venus Course and Empowerment

The Roman Venus was regarded as the goddess of love and beauty.  Venus means “charm” in archaic Latin. Venus rules over persuasiveness and seduction in both the divine and mortal worlds. She was born of the Sea and Sky.