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Ayurveda Master Reiki

Ayurveda Master Reiki

This is for all 3 Levels.
Ayurveda Master Reiki is a relatively new system of healing founded by Mohan Chute. Ayu means life and veda means knowledge from the Vedic texts. This holistic science is the knowledge of complete balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit, including emotions, and psychology, on all levels.
This Ayurveda

7 Soul Characteristics

7 Soul Characteristics

by Angela Grotsch
The 7 Soul Characteristics are channelled by Angela Grötsch.
These symbols can help you to get in contact with your soul again or more deeply.
These symbols can be visualized or drawn. They develop their greatest effectiveness in the Heart Chakra and in the Solar Plexus. You can also wrap  yourself in

Divine Harmony Reiki – ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Reiki - ALL 3 LEVELS

Divine Harmony Attunement is a higher energy vibration of the universal force from the divine. This Divine Harmony Attunement help restore the balance between body, mind, emotions & spirit that will allow us to manifest our own highest potential. There are 3 separate attunements in this series and all with different elements.

Soul Healing Reiki

Soul Healing Reiki connects you to your deepest essence on a conscious level so that you can be aware of what you truly want and desire. When you are hurting on a soul level it is because you are not in harmony with  your true self and you may not even be aware

Colours Of Angels Reiki Attunement

Working with angels is a never-ending pleasure and honour. I am pleased to be able to share this energy with you. You do not need to be attuned to Reiki or any other healing system to connect with the amazing healing energies of the Angels.
The Colours of Angels attunement offers 7 connections with

Angel Reiki For Children

Angel Reiki For Children is a lovely Attunement to 20 Angels for helping and guiding children in their personal development.
Can help with issues in children such as:
fear of separation
fear of darkness
parent issues
and many more…..
Also includes recommendations for semi-precious stones and colours to soothe childrens’ souls.

Grounding Flush Empowerment

When we are heavily engaged in spiritual work, staying grounded can be very challenging. We might find that we are just too busy to take the time to ground ourselves or we just forget.

Luminous Energy Field Clearing Empowerment

The purpose of the Luminous Energy Field Clearing and Empowerment is to locate where the energy imprints are stored in our Luminous Energy Field and remove and erase these imprints and re-fortify the luminous fibers and energy