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7 Soul Characteristics

7 Soul Characteristics

by Angela Grotsch
The 7 Soul Characteristics are channelled by Angela Grötsch.
These symbols can help you to get in contact with your soul again or more deeply.
These symbols can be visualized or drawn. They develop their greatest effectiveness in the Heart Chakra and in the Solar Plexus. You can also wrap  yourself in

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki connects you to Spirit and your higher self so that you can discover what it is that is at the root of your problems and issues.
The energies of this attunement help you to recognize the pieces of yourself that have been lost or given away and helps to heal these

Aura Empowerment Reiki

Aura Empowerment Reiki is a wonderful tool for healers, medical professionals and individuals that work with large groups of people. It will help you to protect your Aura during a healing treatment or dealing with many people at one time.
This course will attune you to the healing rays of Archangel Metatron who will help

Luminous Energy Field Clearing Empowerment

The purpose of the Luminous Energy Field Clearing and Empowerment is to locate where the energy imprints are stored in our Luminous Energy Field and remove and erase these imprints and re-fortify the luminous fibers and energy