Spiritual Animal Healer Program

Spiritual Animal Healer Program  is essential for anyone working with animals, whether as an owner or healer of animals. It is designed to help in all areas of animal healing. This is an incredibly interesting, useful and in depth course. The program was channeled by Reiki Master Linda Colibert in 2008.

Anyone can learn to use the wonderful energies of the Spiritual Animal Healer Program, although some knowledge of Reiki would be helpful.

Spiritual Animal Healer Program is a complete system consisting of  6 attunement levels.

Each level connects on a deeper level and allows you to communicate and heal animals with a higher degree of energies:

Level 1: Animal Communication–this attunement strongly enhances your abilities to understand and communicate with animals.

Level 2: Emotional Trauma Animal Healing— this attunement allows you to connect with animals on an emotional level and works to heal them emotionally. You will learn what causes emotional trauma in animals and how to help animals deal with it.

Level 3: Physical Animal Healing–this attunement connects you to powerful healing energies that work to help heal physical ailments in animals, including relieving pain, and speeding recovery of injuries, illness, and disease.

Level 4: Animal Behaviour–this attunement helps you to understand what causes behaviour problems in animals and works to help heal animal behaviour problems.

Level 5: Wild Animal Environmental Healing–this attunement connects you to the energies of animal species and their environmental habitat in the wild. It also works to help heal the environment (Mother Earth) as well as helping animal species to survive in the wild, including endangered species.

Level 6: Crossing Over Animals–this attunement connects you to animals on the deepest level, and works to help you cross them over in peace and with love when it is time to let them go.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

– Spiritual Animal Healer Program distance attunements via chi ball (7 in total)
– Spiritual Animal Healer Program original manuals-the complete system, six manuals
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
– certificate and lineage if requested.

Course and additional distant healing session on pet.

Within this

£50 Package includes additional

Included within this package includes a bespoke 2 hour full distant reiki animal healing session. Plus info i recieve..

I also offer Pet Anxiety Packages, Trauma Pet Packages in person and distantly, Loss of a pet packages where i can send you both healing on this process…

Offering full inclusive package for daily booking, weekly booking, monthly booking. All depending on your price range

With the programmes you also receive i offer an additional healing to the owner to assist with the sadness and worrie..anything i can do to help..let just talk..

The Quantum Healing light formulars address testing animals enitre energetic structure, chakras,meridans, energy centers, covering problems or illness..and getting ideas to at least try to help. Also taking into account there physical body, mental body, etheric body/aura. I check for blocks, holes, tears, heavy dense energy held in auric field. I run a full scan for energetic implants and can cleanse and clear them easily.. the same i do do with people..info on this i can explain when i speak to you. I take into acvount their past experiances to the present behavioural patterns, experiences, issues, habbits, concerns ticks, etc all information you have on them will assist us helping our beloved best friends and additional family members.

Through working with the aminal in wholeness, i can suggested gemstone elixers, crystal waters, crystal stone placements we can create a crystal healing chamber at home..upon ebery time they enyer that space..they are recieveing healing… you can work with the programme together with me learing how to help or help another animak in crisis, offering support yourself…everything is purely natural, its a live organic programme still evoling its pure intention is the most highest form, its only object is to completely coccoon animal in unconditional love, comfort and peace, completely supporting them on what ever journey they are on..helping them, assisting them and healing them on many levels

Quantum Healing Light Formula Energetic Diagnostic £60

You can additionally purchase a Quantum healing template covering most suitable light formulas,frequencies,energies to use, embedding it with signature codes, relivant to their specific needs, angelic assistant for healing and protecting attunement process, adding quantum tools, healing vibrations, it works as an activation key, addressing the cells individually cleansing firstly then clearing, then implimenting specific vibration dna codes, energy codes, invoking chi, prana, life force back in to the cellular structure, reiki, animal holistic healing, pet psychology. I work with a circle of healers we address the best interests in each animal.. utilising energy medicine, questionars, attunements, colourtherapy, sound healing tuning fork therapy, biofield tuning, crystal massage we can access points on body in pain and discomfort. All techniques for the highest healing of all… it works with comumicating with the animals body through resonance testing, keniesology, pendulam grafts, intuitive communications

Full mapping of animal, blocks, trauma, healing requires, issues, problems, ideas, techniques to use. You place healing key under there bed and activate it through intention, decree, promise for caring and completing to your best ability..and i do the rest.. i will place healing symbols, signsls, crystal grid healing template, crystal encoding within problematic area…the crystals disolve upon healing, I offer enrgetic sweep throughtout the body everyday, send reiki healing every night, relaxing music to play in there background that working with sofreggio healing tones tripple activate healing with additional lightcodes, language of light activating it all addes uo the voltage of the complete system. I make bespoke quantum healing chakra cards, to place around them whilst they sleep, under their bed, location on where they rest. Adding in the codes, key, reprogramming of energy.

You can then place your own place the crystals on them to power and programme the crystals to reactivate, reconnect, recalibrate, recharge, realign, chargingnthem up every day whilst aninal is eating, walking,out for trip etc.

I have a mobile solution package.

Each Crystal is programmed specifically for the health well-being of the animal. Blessed, programmed, powered uo with angelic sumbols, reiki master heaking symbols, you recieve a bespoke healing grid for crystal to docks and a decree, prayer, invocation to activate it, to it full healthly potential.. or i do it all for you.. thatbwhynwhere ever you are i can connect through the crystal and reiki..gps..hehe.. any questions just email..

together we can work as a team..distantly or in person..