Twin Flame Reiki

Twin Flame Reiki

Twin Flame Reiki









Twin Flame Reiki connects you to your Twin Flame and to Spirit for empowerment, enlightenment, and healing. The energies of this system opens the connection to your Twin Flame for an exchange of guidance, love, and light energies. Your Twin Flame is the Yin Yang half of you. While each of you are a complete spirit and soul, your Twin Flame reflects either the masculine or feminine –yang or yin side of you. The connection between you is very strong and once you connect energetically you will be able to exchange energy and wisdom.

Twin Flame Reiki – £15



I also offer a Soulmate/Twin Flame/Cosmic Soul Mate Connection healing

package that includes all attunements listed above.

Plus an additional 4hours Angelic Reiki /Distant Healing covering any problems

and blocks that come up on you and your partner.

*Relationship Karmic Cleanse.

*Fear Disorder Reiki.

*Soul Healing Reiki.

*Emotional Stability Booster.

*Triple Shield Empowerment. 

 *Serenity Flush.

*Energetic Aura Reiki Sweep.

*Etheric Cord Flush.

Aura Flush.

*Deprogramming Self-Punishment Empowerment.

 You have 2 hours distant healing work each and I cover all the above healing techniques.



Please email me for bookings for the full package.